3 days ago, Real Madrid  maillot de foot 2017  at home against Granada before the Primera Liga, the Bernabeu stadium held a brief ceremony, C Luo in the Bernabeu to show the world their four Golden Globe trophies, can be described as a glorious moment. In this ceremony, Real Madrid has invited the club's legendary Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Owen and Zidane, who all arrived at the scene, C Luo's Survetement Foot Pas Cher  glory and join in the glory.

However, these "unwilling" the legendary bigwigs have a sudden storm of alternative: invited former England striker Owen ridiculed the big Luo now fat and body deformation, he wrote on Twitter : "I thought I had been gaining weight before, but until I saw an old friend big Luo ... ..."

The phrase aroused the Melaleuca, Owen this unintentional ridicule, and ultimately led to the former Real Madrid teammate Robert - Carlos and the dissatisfaction with the big Luo. Former Real Madrid maillot de fot pas cher  left back Robert - Carlos back: "Really, I do not like this joke, because I was very close with the big Luo friends and we should take good care of him, big Luo problem is not just His body, but his heart, because he has a great heart. 

"I've never spoken to him again after he wrote this tweet, and now I'm still talking about my weight, and it makes me feel like I'm talking to you," he said. Surprised, I really do not know what that means.